our partners


Fortuna was established in 1990 and it is the largest Central European betting operator. Originally a Czech firm, it has grown its reach into Slovaka, Poland, Romania and Croatia. Fortuna is always invested in furthering their product offering and user experience to create the best offering available on the market.


Raven (a trading name of Raven.GG Limited) are an esports apparel design and manufacturing company that launched in 2013. We specialise in the production of esports jerseys for individuals, teams and corporations of all sizes around the world. What makes us different than all the other jersey and esports apparel companies out there? The products we produce are one-of-a-kind and have been crafted for the perfect fit, quality and durability - all at an affordable price.


At Xtrfy, we make pro-level gaming gear in collaboration with some of the world’s most merited players. Our products are based on well-proven technology and the most important component of all: experience. We design them from the ground up at our offices in Skåne, Sweden, and have been doing so since the start in 2013. In this introduction, you’ll get to know us, our products and the stories behind them.


The patented Sitness technology in our chairs ensures a three-dimensional sitting position and keeps you moving while seated. The freedom of movement in every direction guarantees more active sitting, which exercises your back muscles without you being aware of it and helps prevent back pain.


Blocksport is a Swiss Sports Tech specialized in digital identities, collectibles, market place as well as ecosystem solutions. The next-generation social sport platform is used by Sinners Esports to increase digital fan engagement. Blocksport provides sport clubs with a mobile solution to activate fans globally with a gamified and loyalty-based brand ecosystem.