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tomkeejs takes over the CS:GO team as a coach


Could you introduce yourself to the fans who may not know you?

My name is Tomáš Tomka (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and I’m known on the gaming scene under the nickname tomkeejs. I have been playing CS:GO for almost 6 years and some people might remember me from my IGL times in teams like Dark Tigers or Inside Games.

As you’ve mentioned, you used to be an In-game Leader in your previous teams. Do you feel any resemblance between the IGL role and being a coach?

Certainly there is a great similarity, in fact, except that I do not play and I can not interfere with calling ingame, it is almost the same.

You are only 23 years old. Don't you miss playing sometimes?

To my surprise, actually not much, sometimes there is time to play something and in terms of competitive level, the position of coach is as enjoyable as playing for me.

You’ve also been recently playing Valorant professionally. What did you choose to switch the games and did you miss CS:GO?

I wanted to try a change after all these years, and Valorant seemed like a good option, but it didn't take long to realise how much I’ve missed CS.

In which aspects is CS:GO better than Valorant in your eyes? If we look at it in general.

CS:GO is not so simple and one has to give it really everything to be able to compete with the best and definitely the results are not as random as in Valorant.

(foto: Dark Tigers, 2019)

How did you get on with the team?

I think everything went great, I've known most of the guys for a long time, so it went really nicely.

It must be a huge challenge for you, taking over the best Czech team, moreover after Ketubor, who was considered the best coach on the CZ/SK scene.

As you say, it is a huge challenge, but at the same time I am extremely excited. I firmly believe that I have a lot to offer and that I can help the boys with their goals.

Could you be more specific about the goals?

Reaching Top 20 on HLTV.org and advancing into the ESL Pro League are our biggest goals right now.

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