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We parted ways with Ketubor


You won the MÈR almost right after the "start", did you feel that it was just the beginning?

„It was a big test for me of how I handle coaching over night and it was a test for the guys aswell. I knew that the changing of Cannie is gonna happen and of course everybody was expecting a big name coming to our team and believing, that we can achieve something big.“

Did you feel any pressure when you took over the CZ/SK number one?

„I haven’t felt any pressure at all. Actually it was quite the opposite. I was back at home! 😃

How much potential does our team actually have? What needs to be improved?

„The team has Tier1 AWP and 4 players, that’ve been playing together for over a year. That speaks for itself. There is always a place to improve.“

You've directed the team the right way, but you've decided to not be a part of the way anymore. What happened?

„The team was working hard and on the level, it was more about “when” the top30 would eventually come. I've been able to get partner visa and that gave me the opportunity to work here full-time. I’ve decided to stay and live here in Australia, so I’ll fight for permanent residents. That means I’ll soon hopefully become an Australian. The situation in Slovakia is horrible and I no longer able to support my family with the coach salary.“

Thank you, good luck in your life and career, maybe we don't "see each other" for the last time!

Thank you as well, it was one wild ride!! Of course, if you ever decide to build a team in Australia, I’m here. 😃

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