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We are champions! We won the Czech championship and we are celebrating a perfect season


We formed a team and had clear goals. We want to destroy everybody on the CZ/SK scene. But that we can do it with such a grace? Unbelievable!

We won the Sazka eLEAGUE twice and the Tipsport Cool League twice. We missed the icing on the cake in the form of Czech Championship. And we did it! After a grand final against well playing team Entropiq we raised up the trophy. We can celebrate the perfect season, 5/5!

Moritz "Askadar" Straube, CEO of Sinners, was talking in mild emotions about how it all went this year.

This year was made a new team. High expectations because of an awesome roster. But... Did you believe that you can make a perfect season? 5/5 is unbelievable!

Of course I wanted 5/5. It was our dream when we came here. Win everything possible on CZ/SK scene. The most important was 4/4, won on Czech Championship was a huge bonus. We hoped that we can do it and we won it!

Looking back on the whole season, which tournament do you value the most?

For the whole season, I probably value Switzerland the most. It was our beginning, we didn't even know how the year would look like. We didn't know what we can expect from it. It was our first big moment and actually the last LAN tournament before the corona. It was a great experience, we lived with our boys in the same house. We got to know them well, it was awesome! It was our first big success and that's why I have it so close to my heart.


Unfortunately it was not a LAN tournament but production of Playzone prepared a very interesting thing - Zoom. So fans could support their teams. Did you percieve them?

I think that it was a great idea. Because of corona there was no LAN tournaments so I really appreciate that Playzone did this. I really enjoyed it. Mexican waves, lights like in the arena, absolutely fantastic! I want to thank to our fans so much, I'm so happy for them.

Tournaments are gone but the year 2020 still not. Can you leak something to our fans?

I can leak to our fans that we have a massive thing for them. We will announce it in December. Our playing season is over but now a very interesting period for all teams is beginning. Transfer window is open. We will see other teams on CZ/SK scene changing their rosters. Also we will see if we avoid that or not.


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