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SINNERS Esports – A Vision Brought to Life


Started from the bottom now we're here.

May of 2019 marks the inception of an idea. It started with a simple phone call between three sports and esports enthusiasts – Max Euler, Moritz Straube and Petr Syrovátko. The idea sounded simple at first: Bring professional esports to the Czech Republic but the question that hovered was “How?”.

After a few weeks of careful consideration, a few calls, several meetings in various bars and countless hours of brainstorming it became clear that the potential offered was vast. The merger of expertise in the industry of sports from Co-founders Petr Syrovátko and Lukáš Urban the years of experience in esports from Max Euler and Moritz Straube served as the perfect breeding ground to create an esports conglomerate that would, in due time, become an international player in the this young industry.

With the provision of the above and the infrastructure existing in Liberec, Czech Republic it was decided that the first step to success was to create what should hopefully be the strongest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Reaching the highest highs in League of Legends was expensive, in DOTA2 it was too volatile. It would have to be a team within the “Big 3” in esports so the decision fell on the tactical shooter, with two decades under its belt and an age old, dedicated community.

One big step was to find the right name for the newly founded esports conglomerate. It had to be different, edgy, unapologetic, and needed to scream “come at us”. The feeling was that teams within esports had become stale, “more of the same”, filled with do-gooder teams which did not settle well with the crew. Finally, the decision fell that “SINNERS Esports” would be the perfect fit.

With the aid of Team Manager Jiří Urban, the search for the top players on the market began and soon, after a few bumps in the road, the dream team had been found: CaNNie, beastik1, SHOCK, ZEDKO, NEOFRAG. They started off under the “secret” identity of Team “0wned” until the official announcement that these five, together with coach Tomáš "efron" Pechman - a juggernaut within the Czech Counter-Strike community - would be playing under the banner of SINNERS Esports to take over Czech and Slovak CS:GO.

SINNERS Esports has since evolved into a top player within the market through the addition of incredibly dedicated staff, a professional bootcamp in Liberec, the star Magic and LOR player “pokrovac” and plans for various esports projects in the very near future.

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