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Red Bull the official Energy Drink of the Esports Park Liberec


The Esports Park Liberec is the new training facility of all Sinners Esports Teams within the Sport Park Liberec. Red Bull will be the official supplier of Energy Drinks for the newly opened training grounds.

The newest Czech Esports Training facility, the Esports Park Liberec, opened its doors and the Sinners CSGO Team has spent some time there already. Red Bull has partnered up with the Esports Park as the official Energy Drink and has supplied fridges as well as the full selection of Red Bull Energy Drinks and Organics. Starting 2021, the Sinners Training Facility will open up to the public and can be rented by other pro teams and amateurs looking to improve their game.

It’s Red Bull that keeps our players so attentive during the important matches. In Tipsport Cool league Final Red Bull gave us the wings to reach the top again of the czechoslovakian scene. After the 0:2 start into the finals having a stocked fridge of Red Bull allowed the team to stay focused over the remaining three hours of gameplay.

„The whole Sinners family is excited that Red Bull is the official energy drink of our Esports Park in Liberec. Esports and Red Bull go hand in hand and we’re happy that Red Bull is there for our players and guests in Esport Park,“ said Max “Eukos“ Euler, General Manager, about the collaboration.

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