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Pokrovac will fight for the European title in LoR!


Seasonal Tournament in Legends of Runeterra begins and we have an iron in the fire - Mikuláš „Pokrovac“ Dio.

Today begins the Seasonal Tournament for top 1024 players of the Europe. How did you prepare for this event?

I’m still preparing! (laugs) My preparation wasn’t too different from other tournaments of this type. I used tables, so I could choose the best decks that will have the least bad match-ups possible.

For the fans that don’t know LoR. How long does it take to get ready and to count all the possible card combinations?

It is really complex. However, it’s not so hard. The more time, the better. In my opinion, the ideal time is 14 days. But there are other aspects as well. The amount of time you put in playing each deck, mulligans and so on. So as I said, you need to work on all aspects. And having a long-term plan and a short-term plan.

You are talking about the plans. Obviously, your short-term plan is winning the tournament. How about the long-term plan?

Of course, my plan for this tournament is ending on the best place possible. The thing you need to realize is that you have to make a 10:0 winning streak to win the tournament, which is extremely hard, when the maximal winrate in LoR is 65-70 percent.

About the long-term plan… esport system is going to be uncovered later, but my goal is to play 6/6 Seasonal Tournaments.

My main goal is constant progress. It would take a really long time to explain my approach.

You talked about he 65-70% maximum winrate. Isn’t it demotivating? You spend hundreds of hours training and then you just don’t get the right cards?

This can be approached in different ways. Either one will constantly complain about it or one will focus on the long-term approach and will try to constantly improve and reach the highest possible percentage.

I chose the second path myself. I try to work as hard as possible. On the other hand, everyone is just human and sometimes they may regret something, but you need to try to learn as much as possible and move on. I'm trying to turn my percentages into big wins.

You played with the guys from Inae on EU Masters. You were the captain of the Czech Republic. Do you like playing in a team, or do you prefer playing solo?

Personally, I prefer to play alone, but sometimes I don't mind competing in a team competition. Both are a little about something else. Anyway, in terms of preparation, I like it in a larger group of people. Like five, six.

Back to the Seasonal Tournament. To get among the top 32 players in Europe, you need to have a 5:0 streak. What do you think about this system?

I prefer the system that records consistency . Anyway, I get it, it's because of time constraints. The preparation must also comply with these circumstances and the tournament system.

This is the first Seasonal tournament ever. What is your goal? Getting between the 32 will be enough for you, or are you aiming a lot higher?

For me, the goal is always to play as best as I can and make the best possible preparation. The rest is no longer in my hands, because that's the 30-35% I won't affect.

What are you doing in that demanding preparation to actually relax? So you can omit all the numbers and tables from your head.

I try to be a complex person. I'm eating consistently clean, exercise, and when there are some MMA nights, I watch them. But currently I am primarily focusing on my complex development, especially playing, research, analysis, diet and exercise.

I also have a dog so it's something that regularly gets me for walks, where I do 10,000 steps a day. So I have a lot of time with everything so that I can constantly perform better.

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