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Our League of Legends team is complete again!


On Tuesday we informed you that Damian "Wysek" Adamczyk and Václav "Vasked" Benda left the League of Legends team. The roster did not meet the expectations, it was needed to make changes. So the foreign duo joins the team.

The first player, Dennis "Lian" Hong, a 22-year-old jungler.

„With joining this new team I hope to improve more personally and be able to reach new highs. Looking forward to what we can show as a team," said Lian confidently.

„I don't have a favorite champion. Just whatever the flavor of the month champ is I guess. Ehh u know what let's just say its Kayn" laughed the Dutch king of the woods. Lian's previous team was the Dynasty team.

The second player to strengthen our ranks is Maciej "Blue45ty" Zaremba from Poland.

„I'm gonna represent SINNERS in the upcoming Czech league. My goal is to win and represent SINNERS in European Masters. Hope you will cheer for us during the summer split,“ said the 21-year-old support.

Coach worry described why the changes in the team were needed: „At the end of the season and especially after in the playoffs, the stifling atmosphere in the team showed and it was more than clear to me that a change would be needed. After the failure in the finals and at the EUM, it was suddenly clear to everyone. That's why we met with the players and discussed everything. We decided to make two changes.“

There was not much to choose from on the Czech scene, so it was necessary to look abroad. „I scored players from suitable regions on tryouts, I went through over two hundred profiles. There were only a few suitable candidates. For example, no one knew Lian, but I was very surprised by his knowledge of the game given for how long he’s been playing. Blue45ty, on the other hand, is a veteran of the scene and I think he can not only be the best in his position, but also help other players grow up,“ added the coach.

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