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Oskar is a Sinner!


Our CS:GO roster is complete again being filled with the best player of Czech CS:GO history - Tomáš ’’oskar’’ Šťastný.

At the beginning of the year we’ve started something incredible. We conquered the Czechoslovakian scene, but that’s just not enough! We are Sinners and we want more.

For sure you won’t be able to find a more known Czech player in the history of competitive CS. Oskar became the 16th best player of the world in 2017 and a year later he even ended up on 14th position!

All the experience that Oskar gained mostly in team mousesports will be a great benefit for our young team and you should be looking forward for the next season, it’s going to be a ride, Sinners!

Today the guys are going to practise against Na’Vi. Will oskar outshine the current best sniper in the world s1mple?

Moritz ''Askadar'' Straube, CEO Sinners: „From our point of view, oskar is the best Czech player of all time. He fits well in the team and he goes along with other guys. Most importantly he has the experience from the leagues we could qualify for them and stay in them thanks to him. The skill is not the only thing Tomáš will bring into our team but also the experience. For example how to train effectively, how to rest when you’re at home. He is a lot older than guys, but he’ll be something like our leader. Beastik stays as an IGL.

We surely don’t want to forget what Hubert has done for us. We are grateful for his fantastic service and we wish him all the best in his future career. See you soon!“

We definitely won’t ever forget anything Cannie did for us. We want to thank him for his amazing service as we wish him nothing but the best in his future career! We will meet again!

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