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NEOGRAG joined OG Esports


At the start of 2020 an ambitious new project was announced, a project which also included Adam “NEOFRAG” Zouhar, at the time the sixth best player on the CZ/SK scene. He received an offer to join the team based on the recommendation of our current in-game leader Sebastian “beastik” Daňo.

„When we were looking for the fifth player in 2020, Adam was an obvious pick. As one of the few Czech players at that time, he had the potential to get to tier 1 Counter-Strike,“ commented beastik about his choice.

And it paid off.

Within two years, Adam has turned into a machine that cannot be stopped. And not only on the local scene, but on a global scale as well. He was declared the second best CZ/SK player by Playzone.cz in 2021, leaving big names like oskar or STYKO behind him.

Another year has passed and offers for this resounding name began to pile up. Adam liked this one a lot. From the player's point of view, he couldn't say no, as the general manager of SINNERS Max Euler knows: „Another important day has been written in the history of SINNERS Esports. NEOFRAG is moving up to another level and heading to OG Esports, which is a huge success for him. I will forever remember the way he got on the team in 2020. His tireless diligence got him to the top.“

NEOFRAG won a respectable amount of domestic trophies with his team, in Europe SINNERS dominated in the Supreme Masters, Shadow League and ESEA Premier.

„NEOFRAG was a key part in building SINNERS, he helped us dominate the CZ/SK scene for two years and he was also a key player in enrolling the domestic team in world esports. We will always support him and be thankful,“ added Max Euler.

Finding a right replacement for NEOFRAG will not be easy work for the team manager Tomáš "efron" Pechman.

However, he did not hide his enthusiasm for the fact that one of the SINNERS players has achieved something like this: „Adam and I have had two and a half years of cooperation and his goal has been clear all along - one day he will compete with the best. He worked really hard and grew incredibly both as a player and as a person, and not only on the Czech scene he proved that he belongs to the top and deserves to be involved in the highest level of the CS:GO competition. And the moment finally came. I will always support you, SINNER!“

Coach Tomáš "tomkeejs" Tomka will step in for NEOFRAG for the time being. The future replacement will be clear during the player’s break in summer.

OG Esports put faith into their CSGO roster with high expectations, however they couldn't make it, so changes to their roster needed to be made. For example Aleksib (G2 Esports), ISSAA (Eternal Fire) and NBK-, who played for MOUZ but got benched shortly after and is no longer on the German org's active roster.

However, they successfully managed the group stage of the Blast Premier Finals, which NEOFRAG and F1KU will play instead of niko & valde. Who knows, maybe the Czech jewel will get his first big victory in a few days after his transfer. The coach OG Esports Casper „ruggah" Due didn't hide his excitment about the transfer of Adam Zouhar: „I’m very excited as today marks a new day in OG CS:GO as we welcome NEOFRAG to our ranks. He is young, motivated and hungry to prove himself on the biggest stage, and in-game his profile was a very clear match to what we’ve searched for ever since we started the process of re-building the roster. With his raw talent and consistency, he has already shown during the last year in SINNERS that he has the skillset to help push our team to new heights.“

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