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Ketubor is training a team from Australia, praising the arrival of oskar and getting ready for Vémola!


Ketubor led Sinners to win on MÈR. So we talked with him to introduce him more for you.

Can you introduce yourself for the fans?

My name is Michal Csontoš, nicknamed Ketubor. I'm well-known for opening and boosting players (laughing).

You meet ZEDKO and NEOFRAG again. How do you remember the old times when you played with them?

I'm very happy that I can meet with them again. I have very good experience with ZEDKO even after he went to eSuba. It happens. Like I said, I'm very happy because I know what I'm working with.

Do you miss CS:GO on player position? Or do you prefer a trainer position?

I think that I've been a coach since 2010, 2011. I only played back then because the guys wanted me to do so. I didn't want to be a player for a long time but if you have a good team around you, you just play. I definitely like coaching a lot.

In 2016 there was a rule involved that coaches couldn't talk during the game except the tactical pauses. How was the competitive CS:GO changed by this rule?

It’s hard to say. If you have a great IGL who is smart, then those advice during the breaks are enough. But if you didn’t have a strong IGL, coach advice used to be priceless during the game.

The players really liked beastik becoming an IGL. What do you think about his performance in this role?

It's something different for him. He used to be a fragger and now he is the smart guy who knows the game more than others. His future shines bright, he collected a lot of experience. With the approach he has and with the thinking in game - It's great. His teammates respect him, so I don't have a single reason why I shouldn't respect him either. I will be happy to form another Czech star on the IGL position.

Sometimes there might be a tough situation in-game that you would solve differently. Do you tell the guys immediately or you let them play it their way and you discuss it after the game?

I give the players a lot of space. And I think that’s a key thing, because the player knows you believe in him and he is most likely to use my advice later. I’m not the 2014ish trainer to tell everyone what to do strictly and nothing else is right. The game is moving forward, players are more flexible. You need to find a compromise.

You talked about gaining experience. Do you think that oskar is the right one to give the rest of the team a lot of it?

Whether it’s oskar or any other player who reached the top level of CS:GO and you get him on the board, then the rest players must be like a sponge. They must absorb everything. If they won't do it, they can't improve. So the team won't progress either. Tomas is such a great asset that I can't even describe it.

You coached an Oceanian team. What is the difference between the scene there and our scene?

Here in Oceania is the tactical side of CS:GO stuck in 2015. They are trying to push the FaceIt style. Default strategies, smokes and out-aim the opponents. I must admit that the guys’ aim is on a high level. On the Czecho-Slovakian scene there aren’t so many players that are consistent and have the impact on the game. In Oceania there are many more players considering the size of the scene. The European and CZ/SK teams are on a different level tactically.

Did you try to teach your team the Czech style of playing?

Definitely. Perhaps the European style more than the Czech. I tried to coach that way so the guys could spot the difference and to admit, that Europe has the dominance.

How do you deal with the time shift, after all you have to wake up really early for the games.

I tried it on MÈR for the first time and I can tell you, it’s not easy at my age. But if you have a goal that you want to reach, then you need to sacrifice something and overcome the obstacles. I can wake up anytime.

When I moved to Australia, I didn’t speak English at all. I live here for 11 months now and I’ve learned the language fluently because I wanted to.

You talked about setting goals. What is your goal with Sinners?

I think signing oskar was something the team really needed. It won’t be difficult for us to reach a certain position on the HLTV ladder, but you need to be cautious. Peeking into the TOP30, and then dropping again is not so hard in such a strong competition, but it is necessary to focus on a gradual shift. Hit top 50, 40, 30 and continue to appeal to stay there.

On the Czechoslovak scene very often happens that after any failure or disagreement, the teams disintegrate immediately. Why is this happening?

Because I’m not in the teams. (laugs) Any team that was with me didn't fall apart. This was always the case after I left.

Now the question outside of Sinners. What are your activities outside of CS: GO? How do you keep yourself fit?

Outside of Counter-Strike I have a secondary job, which I do only twice a week. I make custom cars here in Australia. But to tell the truth, there is nothing else for me but my wife and CS:GO. I do MMA, I’m currently waiting for an amateur match. I aim to fight my way through the amateur league to professional MMA. I don't care how old I’m going to be, I’mma fight till I’m 50. (laughs)

So we can expect a fight between Michal ''KETUBOR'' Csontoš and Karlos ''Terminátor'' Vémola in a near future?

Oh hell yeah! I would fight him for sure! (laughs)

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