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Dugaid is a Sinner!


The man, the myth, the legend! You love him, we love him and now he is ready to sin!

Hello! Could you introduce yourself to the fans who may not know you yet?
„Hey, I'm Douglas or know as Dugaid! I'm an FPS Caster that mainly works CSGO. I also do some streaming a content creation on the side.“

How did you get into cooperation with Sinners?
„Well, Unity jumped into my chat when I was Casting WGR Qualifiers, saying, hey, cast Sinners, and I said sure why not.“

CS:GO team has just reached top 30 in the world. What do you think are the strongest and weakest aspects of our team?
„They hit top 30 in this past week, which is an incredible feat, but they have been struggling in Leagues and Tournaments as of late, I would say they need to work a bit more on their team play and making sure they are securing the trades.“

How do you enjoy communication with Czech fans?
„Everyone loves you in the chat. The fans have been amazing so far, and I can't wait to do more with Sinners! The chat has been incredibly supportive, and I hope they welcome me to their community.“

You will be ambassador of our org. What does it mean for you?
„I'm extremely proud to be able to join this org as an Ambassador, and I cant wait to see how I can help introduce the larger CS community to Sinners.“

You already casted with DeeThane, how was it?
„Casting with some on new also takes a few cast to work out the flow and DeeThane transiting to English will take some time to port over the skills but I do really enjoy it.“

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