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Cooperation with Fitcann company!


CBD products are increasingly used in the world of professional athletes. And we can only recommend them too! Fitcann offers the best hemp oils on the market to help you with regeneration and peace of mind.

Professional gamers use CBD mainly because the substance will help them regenerate perfectly mentally and physically. Sleep is a very important aspect of the physical preparation of professional esport players, and CBD products are a great and proven helper. And since our programs are really busy, we greatly appreciate this collaboration.

Captain of the CS:GO team Sebastian "beastik" Daňo: "I use CBD mainly to improve the quality of my sleep. It also helps me to calm down after a long day full of games and practice.“

The main face of the Fitcann brand is a professional MMA fighter Jiří "Denisa" Procházka, who represents the Czech colors in the prestigious UFC organization and is one of the best fighters in the whole World. He is also a proud light heavyweight champion of the Rizin organization. And we are really excited about our cooperation with Fitcann!

„We are excited about the new partnership with the leading esport team Sinners. The positive effects of CBD on the body and mind in the MMA environment, from which the main face of the Fitcann brand Jiří Denisa Procházka comes, are indisputable and it is therefore another natural step to explore the beneficial effects of CBD in the increasingly growing environment of esports and show the world that esport players are full-fledged athletes and deserve the right care for the body and mind.“
- Matěj Kretík, Co-Founder of Fitcann

We have prepared something special for you! On the fitcann.cz e-shop, you will receive a 10% discount by entering a code SINNERS10.

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