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Become a member of the official Sinners Fan Club!


Sinners fans, we have a surprise for you! We have created an official Fan Club for you, which will offer you a lot of benefits! And when we say a lot, we really mean it!

You will have a choice of five packages. In addition to all of them, you get the other benefits listed below. Find all the packages here!

1) SINNERS fan games with fanclub members

We start with a banger! Members of our VIP group will have the opportunity to shoot with our CS: GO players or control the Summoner’s Rift with our League of Legends players. Pokrovac is ready to coach you in Legends of Runeterra!

2) Custom 10% discount

Have a permanent 10% discount on all products except the Sitness RS gaming chair at our shop.sinners.gg! And we can assure you that we are preparing a brand new Sinners merch collection for you!

3) Fanclub Steam Group - SINNERS VIP

VIP group members will be allowed to join a special steam group that includes our entire CS: GO team. You can also use a "Sinners VIP" clan tag in-game.

4) Special Discord Tag

On our brand new discord server, members of the VIP group will be marked with the "VIP" tag and will have access to special rooms.

5) Exclusive Giveaways (on Discord or via mail)

We have a lot of giveaways ready for you during the year. And even more of them will be given to our most loyal fans with an active Fan Club!

6) Special price and preorder Merch

Our VIP fans will have the opportunity to pre-order all new merchandise in our shop!

7) Fanbus free for Fan Club members

We all miss LAN events, because that's one of the most beautiful things about esports. And just for the members of our Fan Club, we will have transport ready for LAN tournaments in the Czech Republic! Just imagine a bus full of Sinners!

8) Exclusive Partner Discounts

Our lineup of partners is growing, so you can look forward to special offers! We can assure you that it doesn't end with GetGear, on the contrary!

9) Name on Website in Fan Club Section

All fans who will be members of our Fan Club will be listed on the ’Wall of Fame’ on our website under a nickname of their choice!

10) Plaque on the wall in the Esports Park

In the newly opened Esports Park in Liberec, we are preparing a large plaque for Fan Club members with your names engraved, visible for the players, so that they always know who their most loyal fans are!

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