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A FORTUNA-te Opportunity


The barrage of big news surrounding SINNERS Esports appears to have no end. After presenting their partnership with esports personality DeeThane only a few days back, the team has now come out with a massive sponsorship announcement with the Czech sports and esports betting company FORTUNA.

The SINNERS Esports train keeps chugging forward with announcements over announcements. Fortuna is one of the largest betting sites in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and much of the CIS region. The company has made its re-entry into the esports market after careful observation and consideration over the past couple of months, having acted as the official sponsor for the FORTUNA Cool League in the past.

FORTUNA is, historically, the first and oldest betting provider in the Czech Republic, having opened its doors in 1990. The company now operates in within Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Croatia and, of course, the Czech Republic itself.

Once again the announcement came in a classic SINNERS fashion, not simply through a social media post but, traditionally, with a hype video to get fans and betting enthusiasts excited about the partnership.

General Manager Max “Eukos” Euler had nothing but positive words about the newly formed coalition:” Everyone is really excited here at SINNERS Esports to have such a prestigious partner in Fortuna on our side. Together we will create some amazing content and unique betting experiences for esports and sports fans alike!”.

“Counter-Strike clearly plays a key role among punters, so when looking for a partner, SINNERS, and the way they were able to control the Czech scene, certainly spoke to us. Deciding whether to support the best domestic team, with ambitions no less than to penetrate the international market, was not very complicated. We want to be part of their further success and participate not only in the development of SINNERS but of the entire industry.” Said David Vaněk, General Manager of the Fortuna betting company.

Surely, fans will have some amazing content and fun, engaging opportunities to enjoy this partnership together with SINNERS and FORTUNA.

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SINNERS Esports was founded in 2019 by Petr Syrovátko and Lukáš Urban with the purpose of establishing one of the first professional esports teams with full-time talent in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The newly founded team aims to make an impact both locally as well as on the international stage. SINNERS Esports collaborates with some of the greatest talent in the industry, develops engaging and entertaining content and is grounded in the mindset to win through enabling its players to perform at their peak.

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